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California Finest Nate Diaz Energy Marijuana Cigarettes

By 2 years ago

I’m a fight fan, and with Southern California being so close to Las Vegas, the UFC Capital of the World, I support the sport. Come to find out, many MMA fighters have come out of the cannabis shadows holding fat blunts to support the growing passion to speak up, and stand up for medical marijuana. […]

Slactavis 1500mg

By 2 years ago

Dr. Brokleg is the shit! Everyone knows this dude. He dresses wild, and has his own clothing line, Brokleg Snapbacks. But his best shit, is SLACTAVIS! Available in 1500mg and 6000mg bottles, this THC sizzurp is not for sissies. It even says on the label “not to drink it all unless you have the day […]

El Gallo Cherry Berry E-Juice

By 2 years ago

This vapor takes a little getting used to, just a little. El Gallo is a family business that started in the Vape E-Juice industry (non-cannabis), and launched a perfect hybrid idea. To best describe it to someone who’s never tried E-juice, I’d say your lungs fill up fast and the vapor is moist and heavy. Hitting […]

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